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Graeme has been involved with sport and fitness for over 25 years. As a hyper kid, his parents introduced him to Martial Arts where he learned to channel his energy.

This sparked a passion for health and fitness where his piers would often roll their eyes at the thought of exercise whereas Graeme would thrive at the thought of running 30 miles over hills or seeing if he could deadlift a car.

To date, Graeme has had the privilege of providing training to some of our countries elite forces as well as been honoured enough to be asked to take part in selected training exercises. In fact his CV is filled with far too many achievements to mention but while you’re in one of his classes, or training one to one, ask him about it, you’ll get some rest!

Graeme has a huge passion to educate his clients and members of Wright Fitness with his experiences so they can progress quickly and give them direction. He’s also an active researcher to ensure he is up to date on the latest developments in sport, strength training and more.

Graeme’s directional approach is a unique quality brought to Wright Fitness where he has a proven track record of enabling his clients to achieve career goals, “bucket list” type goals as well as champions in sport.

He will make you feel empowered & give you the courage to know “you can do this” and his greatest satisfaction is watching people grow in confidence.


Helen has always been a keen sportsperson from running cross country to the girls Basketball team captain at school to training Tang Soo Do, Kickboxing, Kettlebells and developing her love of strength and conditioning training.

Although Helen could state a large number of achievements to date, she, along with the entire team at Wright Fitness, are more interested in what you can do and if you don’t know what that is, helping to discover it.

Many of Helen’s group and private clients have experienced fantastic results whether it be weight loss, strength gains, fat loss and more.

Helen is the business brain behind Wright Fitness and our resident coach specialising in nutrition. She is always on the look out to further her own, and our other instructors, training and development so you can be assured you’re receiving the best evidence based coaching available.

Her excellent manner & professionalism will make even the most nervous of clients feel at ease but don’t get her smile confused with being “easy” on you, as you’d be very much mistaken!

Helen has a drive for helping others realise their full potential and is always striving to make someone else’s life that little bit better.

It’s time to get fit with Wright Fitness